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How to Donate Food

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40% of food produced in the United States never makes it to the plate.

While food production uses 50% of U.S. land and is responsible for 80% of U.S. freshwater consumption, so much of what we have available ends up in the landfill. In fact, 21% of landfill volume is wasted food!

God’s Pantry Food Bank is committed to food rescue – the act of intercepting food in danger of being thrown out and redirecting it to those in need. And it’s not just canned food and other nonperishables that we rescue. We also take in fresh, frozen, and prepared foods.

When excess food reaches those with limited access, we not only feed those who are hungry, we save natural resources and positively affect our environment. Decreasing food waste is a smart idea.

Who can donate food?


Coffee Shops
Convenience Stores
School Cafeterias
Healthcare Facilities

Prison Commisaries
Food Manufacturers
Food Warehouses

Food Distributors
Online Retailers
Refused Truckloads
Drug Stores
Concession Stands

How do you donate?


Individuals can easily donate nonperishable food to God’s Pantry Food Bank in one of the following ways:

  • In Fayette County, food can be brought to our Lexington warehouse during our normal hours of operation or can be placed in one of our blue barrels at any Kroger location.
  • Outside Fayette County, contact one of our partner agencies to donate items directly.
Find a local food pantry or meal program

Food drives are also a great way for individuals to gather a larger donation at a business, school, or church!

Learn more about hosting a food drive

Foodservice Providers

Your excess food doesn’t have to become food waste. It can fill empty stomachs through MealConnect – an easier way to donate surplus food.

It couldn’t be easier to use MealConnect! Simply download the app or create an account on the MealConnect website, then list the product you have available. Your donation will be quickly matched with a local nonprofit organization that partners with God’s Pantry Food Bank and you’ll be notified when that connection is made. A volunteer will pick up your donation and deliver it to the organization, and your leftover food will be shared with someone in need of a meal.

Best of all, using MealConnect costs you nothing to use. You’ll reduce food waste while creating tax savings for your business, and you are protected from liability when using MealConnect to donate food to God’s Pantry Food Bank and our partners.

Questions about the program or using the MealConnect app? Contact Linda at 859-288-5321.

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