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Share Thanksgiving with a family in need

This week, God's Pantry Food Bank will be providing more than 4,500 Thanksgiving food boxes for Fayette County families, full of all the ingredients necessary to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  The Food Bank begins preparing for this large scale distribution in early August each year.  

Each year, thousands of Fayette County families come to God’s Pantry Food Bank in need of food. This Thanksgiving, more than 4,500 families requested assistance through this program.

Pay Your Parking Meter Fines in Lexington with FOOD!

LEXPARK program will run a “Food for Fines” canned food drive from November 17th through December 19th.  Bring in 10 cans of food to the LEXPARK office located at 122 North Broadway to pay for any meter citation.  Customers with multiple meter citations may bring in 10 cans for each one – including those that are past due.

Aim and Shoot Out Hunger!

Aim and shoot, BUT do not miss, because we are attempting to Shoot Out Hunger! On Saturday November 22nd from 9a-6p, S and D Indoor Range will be hosting the Shoot Out Hunger event! Shooting sessions range from $20 for one person and a 30 minute session or $30 for 2 and a 30 minute session.  Also the event will have a silent auction and ALL procedes will go to God's Pantry Food Bank.  Food/Refreshments will be offered after your session.

Raise the Steaks at Logan's Roadhouse!

If you or your group of friends are hungry OR you cannot decide where to eat on November 19th after 4p, Logan's Roadhouse is hosting a fundriasing night. Raise the Steaks is a night where you and your group of friends can eat like any other night, but you have the option to donate up to 20% of your pre-tax meal to your favorite Food Bank! So have a blast and catch up with friends but also donate to God's Pantry Food Bank.  

No Volunteer Shifts Saturday 11/15/14

There are no warehouse volunteer shifts scheduled for Saturday 11/15 as our Food Bank is closed for the annual Basket Brigade event!  

We have been innundated with reuqests to volunteer this time of year and are currently full for all shift through November and December (with the exception fo 12/23 and 12/27), please click here if you'd like to sign up for a shift in the New Year!

Together we can solve hunger.